Burgercup or Cupburger, A Burger-to-go

Burgercup? Or Cupburger? It's a brilliant idea to have your burger easily taken anywhere. Maybe this is the same idea with cupcake when it was first discovered.The recipe is very easy to apply, all the ingredients are very easy to get. To be sure, the taste of the burger he has will remain the same. It's a burger-to-go, a mini burger, whatever you call it, it is a creative recipe from the tasty that you will like. Watch the video below!

FYI: Fletcher Davis of Athens, Texas claimed to have invented the hamburger. According to oral histories, in the 1880s he opened a lunch counter in Athens and served a 'burger' of fried ground beef patties with mustard and Bermuda onion between two slices of bread, with a pickle on the side (Wikipedia).

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