Take Five Pie

It’s a pie that is just like your favorite snack bar! It has double the chocolate and peanut butter just in case you are craving for some sweets at the time. With crunchy smashed pretzels, this no bake cake is certainly the answer for your sweet tooth! No complicated steps, just smash, sprinkle, or pour the ingredients so that this pie is easily made in no time. Find the recipe at Delish in the link below.

FYI: John Harvey Kellogg, known for his line of prepared breakfast cereals, was issued a patent for a "Process of Producing Alimentary Products" in 1898, and used peanuts, although he boiled the peanuts rather than roasting them. Kellogg's Western Health Reform Institute served peanut butter to patients because they needed a food that contained a lot of protein, yet which could be eaten without chewing. At first, peanut butter was a food for wealthy people, as it became popular initially as a product served at expensive health care institutes. (Wikipedia)

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All image and video are courtesy of Delish.

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