Oven Baked Rice and Vegetable

I want to tell you this one is all about the veggies (and they are so super tasty roasted with that delish seasoning), but that rice is something else! So basically, the way this recipe goes down, the tasty veggie juices drip down into the rice, and it’s like cooking the rice in the BEST homemade veggie broth ever! You could easily cook this at home, watch the instruction video below.

FYI: History or anecdote of the oven-baked rice. The oven-baked rice is often called “ArrĂ²s Passejat” in Spanish which means: “Walked rice”, because the Valencian women did not have oven and had to bring their rice to the baker's oven of their neighbourhood (La Bible de la paella).

All image and video are courtesy of Recipe Tin Eat.

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