Sheet Pan Roasted Veggies

If you do one meal prep task today, make it this. Sheet Pan Roasted Veggies recipe is so easy to make, perfect for all your loved ones. This contains all the freshness you love: butternut squash, brussels sprouts, parnship, Youkon gold potatoes. You could easily cook this at home, watch the instruction video below.

FYI: The parsnip is a root vegetable closely related to the carrot and parsley. It is a biennial plant usually grown as an annual (Wikipedia).

More facts: A sheet pan, baking tray or baking sheet is a flat, rectangular metal pan used in an oven. It is often used for baking bread rolls, pastries and flat products such as cookies, sheet cakes, swiss rolls and pizzas (from Wikipedia).

All image and video are courtesy of Cooking Light.

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