Vietnamese Caramel Pork

A great Vietnam cuisine with a creative twist. Brown sugar caramelised, pork, fish sauce, coconut water, shallot, garlic all mixed and simmered. Voila! Dinner is ready! You could easily cook this at home, watch the instruction video below.

FYI: When you're talking about "Vietnamese food," you're talking about rice in many forms (steamed, sticky, noodles, pancakes, porridge), fish sauce (lots of it), herbs (mint, cilantro, lemongrass), seafood, pork, beef, chicken, and tropical fruits (rambutan, banana, papaya, mango, etc.), with borrowed flavors from the French imperialists and nearby countries like Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, and China (from Serious Eats).

All image and video are courtesy of Recipe Tin Eat.

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