Whole Wheat Pasta with Spinach and Tomatoes

This is a fast and easy way to make great pasta. The additional spinach and tomatoes are making this whole wheat pasta even better. You should try it yourself, watch the how-to video by Cooking Light down below.

FYI: The main difference between white and whole wheat pasta lies in the processing. Whole wheat contains three parts of the grain—the bran (the grain's outer layer), the germ (the sprouting section of the seed), and the endosperm (the large starchy center). But during the refining process, the heat is on—forcing the nutrient-rich bran and germ out of the grain, leaving just the endosperm behind. While the stripped-down white stuff boasts a longer shelf life, not to mention a cheaper price tag, it’s considered nutritionally weaker (from greatist.com).

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All image and video are courtesy of Cooking Light.

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