Jalapeño Cashew Cheese Spread

For all the vegans who love cheese, this one will knock you off. This spread is so versatile that you can use it for so many things. You could easily cook this at home, watch the instruction video below.

FYI: Many people have one caveat when it comes to the idea of going vegan – cheese. “I could go vegan, except that I couldn’t live without cheese!” Luckily, there’s really never been a more delicious time to say goodbye to dairy. Even in small towns, vegan cheeses are popping up in grocery stores. And it’s not the waxy yellow slices of yore. These plant-based cheeses* are scrumptious and full-bodied in their own right. I particularly love nut-based cheeses, because like the avocado, cashews can really do no wrong (Cadry's Kitchen).

All image and video are courtesy of Cadry's Kitchen.

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