Nutella Banana French Toast Roll Ups

Planning to make french toast but ran out of bread? You can try using tortilla instead, it tastes just as good! If you noticed, that this recipe is like making a kebab which involves rolling and wrapping the ingredients inside the tortilla wraps. In this case, it doesn't use any meat and tomato sauce but uses sweets like Nutella and bananas. Yummy!

You can make this on your own for less than 5 minutes. Very easy to make, and you can enjoy it for breakfast or even as an afternoon snack. What makes it delicious is the cinnamon that blends nicely with milk and egg. You soak the filled tortilla wraps and fry it on small heat will make the Nutella melt in your mouth the moment you bite.

FYI: A tortilla is a type of soft, thin flatbread made from finely ground wheat flour. (Wikipedia)

All image and video are courtesy of twisted_food.

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